Flocking Awesome Policies


Our Flocking Awesome Policies;

  1. Payment is required at time of booking in order to confirm your reservation. We will email you a confirmation of booking and payment received. All personal checks returned by your bank will incur a $30.00 non-sufficient funds fee.
  2. We respectfully reserve the right to decline a delivery to an area that we feel may be unsafe for our “flocking ninjas” or our critters. We will contact you if this situation arises.
  3. Someone in the household MUST BE NOTIFIED that we will be on property. 
  4. Please do not remove or move any of the displays. If it needs to be taken down early please give us a call at 321-339-9786 and we will gladly come and get them.
  5. For safety reasons do not under any circumstances let anyone, especially children, play on or around the lawn display. They may look like toys but they are not.
  6. The customer is responsible for any damage that might be caused by lawnmowers, dogs or flying debris from weed-eaters, edger and/or blowers.
  7. Missing or damaged lawn displays items will be charged to the credit card on file for the appropriate amount. Missing item fees start at $10 for small signs, $125 for large signs and $185 for message boards. Missing letters for sign boards are $3 per letter. So please protect our inventory so others may enjoy them.
  8. We may place a small sign with our company name, phone number and web address. This sign lets the neighbors know where they can get flocked. Please do not move or hide it.

Our Business is to make People Happy!

We will not under any circumstances put up a mean display. We do not participate in any cruel jokes of any sort.
Please do not re-arrange the letters on our sign. The verbiage on all signs will be agreed upon by Flocking Awesome and you.

Refund Policy
We understand that things happen. We will gladly reschedule the delivery of the same display (if available on the new date) if you call us at least two (2) business days in advance. If the display is not available you can choose from a similar available display to be delivered on new date at no additional charge.
We will reimburse you 100% or reschedule due to inclement weather. Please know that it must be severe weather for our flockers to miss a delivery, i...e. Hurricane.

The items we cannot reimburse you for are:

  1. If we are given the wrong address and the display cannot be set up. We will make every attempt to deliver your display based on the information given to us.
  2. If the flockee or homeowner stops us from setting up the display.
  3. The homeowner or flockee wants the display removed promptly.
  4. If we are not allowed access to a gated community. It is up to you to make arrangements for us to be allowed access to recipient’s house. Notify guard or send us the pass code.
  5. There is an animal on property that prevents us from setting up the display.
  6. Any other reason that is beyond our control that prevents us from setting up the display.

EVERY ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE TO MAKE YOU A COMPLETELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER! We want you to use us again and tell all your friends how “FLOCKING AWESOME” we are!

All decoration displays are the sole property of Flocking Awesome LLC.

Please contact us at flockingawesome@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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