Beers and Cheers

​Beer & Cheer Saying 1-Somethings brewing

                   it's (name) birthday

Beer & Cheer Saying 2- (age) cheers for

            (age) years Happy B-day

Beer and Cheer Saying 3-Cheers, Beers

and many more years happy birthday (name)


Over the Hill Signs

OTH Signs Saying 1-Read the signs 

             you are old Happy (age)

OTH Signs Saying 2- Like underwear

             age creeps up on you!

OTH Signs Saying 3-All signs point to

     (name) turning (age) Happy B-day

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Over the Hill with Zombies

OTH Zombies Saying 1- How old you wonder (name)

                   is almost 6 feet under

OTH Zombies Saying 2- Tomb it may concern

                   (name) is (age)!

OTH Zombies Sayings 3- A moment of silence (name)

                   is (age) happy B-day

OTH Zombies Saying 4-Your how old? You look so

                    life like!


Over the Hill with Tombstones

(name) only


Holy Cow

Cow saying 1- (name) is (age) now!

Cow saying 2- Moos Flash (name) is (age)

Cow saying 3- It's a cow-tastrophy (name)

            is (age)


We Came to Crow

Crow saying 1 - (name0 is the big (age)

Crow saying 2 -The old crow (name) is (age)


Old Buzzard

Buzzard saying 1-(Name) is (age)

Buzzard saying 2-We are circling for

              (name) (age)

Birthday Packages - Adult


Princess w/ Ballet Slippers

Princess Saying 1-(name) is (age)

Princess Saying 2- Party like a princess



Princess saying 1- (name) is (age)

Princess saying 2- All hail Princess (name)

Princess saying 3- Party like a princess


Princess Crowns

Princess saying 1- Princes(name) is (age) now

Princess saying 2- All hail Princess (name)

Princess saying 3-Party like a princess

Each package comes with a large center sign and up to 25 smaller characters.

Prices all packages are $38.00 plus delivery including tax! See prices for more info.

Ordering is easy!

1- pick a package 2- pick a saying 3- order it - our Flocking Ninjas will do the rest.

Birthday Packages - Children


Cars and Stars

Cars saying 1 -Varoom! (name) is (age) 

Cars saying 2- (name) is (age)

Cars saying 3-Rev your engines (name) is (age)

101 Sports 1

Sports saying 1-(name) is (age)

Sports saying 2- (name) is a all-star at (age)


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Happy Birthday Red Stars/Yellow Balloons

Happy BD Red Star saying 1- (name) your a superstar at (age)

Happy BD Red Star saying 2-I'm seeing stars (name) is (age)

Birthday Packages - General

Flocking Awesome

Mugs and Golf

​Golf Saying 1- Happy Birdie (name) is (age)

Golf Saying 2- Another Year Down the Hole Happy                Birthday (name)

Golf Saying 3- Hacker of the Year! Happy Birthday                (name)

Yard Greeting Cards


Happy Birthday Blue w/cakes 

Happy BD blue cakes- Name only


Happy Birthday Blue w/presents

Happy BD Blue presents- Name only


Mugs and Sports

​Beer & Sports Saying 1- Somethings brewing 

                    it's (name) Birthday

Beer & Sports Saying 2- Cheer, Beers and

      many more years happy birthday (name)

Beer & Sports Saying 3- Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional Happy Birthday (name)



​Flamingo Saying 1- The flock is in shock (name)

               is (age)

Flamingo Saying 2- Happy flocking (age)th

               birthday (name)

Flaming Saying 3 - We flew in to wish (name) a

               happy birthday!